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I do not claim to be better than you,
it's simply an irrevocable fact.
We Slytherins have now been forced to take refuge in our respective dorms due to Crabbe's undeniably vast intelligence. I am now seriously considering the idea of putting a permanent repelling charm on both Crabbe and Goyle. It would be my gift to the masses to separate those two indefinitely; and certain Ravenclaws claim I care so little...

The Duelling Club has been just about as eventful as I figured it would be. This of course meaning the only beneficial aspect of the entire past week or so has been Greengrass's unfortunate meeting with an antler jinx. Crabbe and I must duel with Potter and the Weasel tomorrow before dinner so let us hope Crabbe is a bit more mindful about his spell choices than he was tonight.

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Three more days...

Three little days really shouldn't seem as far as it does.

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I leave for the Manor in three days and Pansy insists on spending our last days here at the few places we found acceptable. I am not exactly understanding as to what her fuss is all about actually. It isn't as if we won't be able to come back here ever again; but still, she insists. Though, now that I think about it, as dreadful as the smell is that lingers on everything and as appalling as the muggles are, I think I am beginning to understand what Pansy is doing.

This summer was quite satisfactory with all things considering. I wouldn't mind perhaps coming back in the future, time permitting of course.

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I awoke this morning to the unpleasant sight of probably one of the first storms I have seen since arriving in Sicily. Pansy was rather put out seeing as we had plans to meet Blaise at our regular cafe by the sea this morning but I truly don't mind. At least it will cool the temperature down a bit, and for that, I am immensely thankful.

Late last night I received a letter from my Mother, another surprise to say the least. Apparently she will be staying with some family in France for some time due to a few discrepancies occurring at the Manor due to Aunt Bella stopping by more frequently as of late. I wish her the best. I know I certainly couldn't handle the smell of Grandmother Druella’s manor, let alone that sitting room she insists on everyone having tea in three times a day. It would be enough to send someone into a coma from all the fumes. I would much rather her come here to Italy where I know for a fact there are no deadly fumes in our sitting room but she says she has her reasons. Reasons that I completely disagree with but she just won't listen. I just can't sit back and

I suppose I should go find Pansy and that damn House Elf since the last time I saw her she was complaining of "vast boredom" and considering carrying out a few of her idle threats. Which would put nearly 1/3 of Sicily in danger quite possibly, and Mother said he was...she said Potter is in jeopardy and I don't know what to do. I just...yes, yes ... I should probably make haste.

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Well, well. What do we have here? Slytherin winning the House Cup? And here I find myself not the least bit surprised. It was rightly deserved, especially after all the points Gryffindor courageously lost once the Vu Network was created. If Dumbledore knew how much this project would affect his Golden House I am certain he would have reconsidered a few things.

I thankfully finished all of my packing several hours ago and then proceeded to help Blaise with his. He still claims I was of no help at all, seeing as I took to giving him my exemplary advice from the corner chair of the room. Such ungrateful people these days, I do not know why I try sometimes. He kept going on about the places we were to visit once we arrived in Italy but I simply can't be bothered to remember them all at the moment. As long as they are not too boring and swarming with Muggles I suppose I will be satisfied enough.

And may I ask why there are little puddles of water scattered about the common room? Pansy nearly slipped in one of them on our way to the feast earlier tonight. I was not too pleased with the anger that she chose to take out on me afterwards because of it either.

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These last few days have been quite eventful it seems, and not in a way I would look back on with fond memories. I refuse to give anymore thoughts on that ridiculous Gryffindor party either. It caused momentary chaos within the Slytherin house but, being the brilliance that I am, I was able to restore order after silencing both Pansy and Millie and two hours of fighting in a way I am sure the Gryffindor house could only wish they could achieve.

The plans are finally set for my holiday in Southern Italy this summer. Mother agreed to allow me to take residence in the villa Blaise so graciously offered to me. I am still required to visit Great Uncle Orynx twice a week but I am confident in my abilities to have that significantly changed.

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My birthday was not as eventful as I expected but it was satisfactory thanks to Pansy and Millicent. After all these years they still succeed in making my birthdays memorable and knowing exactly how important this day is.

My mother sent the usual sweets and a new pair of Italian leather shoes seeing as my favourite pair was ruined by the infestation. Several sheegles were using my shoes as some sort of shelter and had chewed several holes in one of them. I was not amused to say the least.

Along with the shoes and sweets was a letter as well. My mother is sending me to Southern Italy to visit my Great Uncle Orynx for the entire summer for a few weeks once the term is over. As long as he refrains from attempting to marry me off to some Italian woman with no significant qualities at all, I will follow her wishes. It's not like he doesn't know that my mother is set on having Pansy and I to marry in a few years anyways.

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Goyle had taken it upon himself to see precisely how loud and absurdly annoying his snores could reach tonight. I have a nice silencing spell on him at the moment that I may consider removing sometime next week but we shall see. I am not too happy about the fact that I am wide awake now, thanks to Goyle, at the lovely hour of three o’clock in the morning.

Seeing as I have little else to do and hate to waste time, I figured it would be a good time to remind you all of my birthday on Monday, June the 5th. I am sure you all have this marked and memorised but it never hurts to send out a reminder that I expect nothing but the best on this day.

Other than this extremely important day a few days away, there is little else to discuss. Millicent has been fairly quiet, as a response to last week’s mishaps and “accidents” I would guess. Classes are going brilliantly, of course, so I have no worries for the exams at the end of the term whatsoever and only a few more sessions left tutoring Potter. Thank Merlin.

I think I just saw one of Blaise's brown wool mittens scuttle across the room move. I must be not as awake as I had originally thought. Either that or Potter’s insanity is contagious. The latter would not be so illogical actually. It would answer several unexplained questions surrounding the Gyrffindor house these days.

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It has been relatively quiet the last couple of days and I for one could not be happier. All the inner-house mingling was beginning to disturb me slightly; not to mention the Gryffindors’ continuous display of inanity. Especially that Colin Creevey. I have no idea what they could have possibly done to compel someone to be like that but I am sure the process was particularly messy.

Pansy and I decided to spend some time in Hogsmeade yesterday seeing as Millicent was oddly missing the entire morning. After arriving though, we suddenly thought better of it all as soon as we saw a couple of Hufflepuffs attempting to set fire to the entire town through the clever use of fireworks. We ended up sitting by the lake for most of the afternoon far from the chaos that was no doubt occurring in Hogsmeade.

And would anyone happen to know why the common room smells of tea rose? Crabbe said he couldn’t smell it but I would be surprised if he could use any other of his senses besides taste. The smell is bringing back horrid memories of my Grandmother Druella’s sitting room and I’m beginning to develop a headache. I don’t know who is behind it but I intend to find out.

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Last night was a particularly beneficial night, in my opinion. Not only was I able to spend time drinking catching up with Pansy and Millicent, but I also successfully cleared up the rumours circulating Hogwarts concerning me and some rather false information.

Pansy and Millicent had proclaimed that they had a difficult time believing that I had absolutely nothing to do with Potter falling off his broom. Here, I felt it was my duty to end this once and for all and seeing as Potter has finally decided to wake up, he had a right to tell them the truth. While Potter had been taking his precious time sleeping for a ridiculous amount of time, I have been forced to deal with people blaming me for it all. Honestly, if it had been me I wouldn’t have used a sleeping hex. Maybe permanently stick him to the whomping willow but certainly not put him into a sleep that lasts nearly two weeks.

On my way to the infirmary with a somewhat drunken Pansy and Millicent, I happened to run into Patil -- the incredibly annoying one mind you -- and was able to clear up some false rumours with her as well. That was a rather quick ordeal so we were able to arrive at the infirmary in good time. After some difficulty from Potter's annoying friends, he finally told them all the truth about the incident.

So, all and all, I am rather satisfied with how last night turned out even if I was kidnapped and practically dragged out to the Quidditch pitch after a rather harsh stupefy from Millicent. And, annoyingly enough, I have found myself having to wear my glasses today more often than usual but that is neither here nor there.

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